The Farr Side


Well, here we are back on the river once again after a long lock-down. We started off on Friday 29 May with ITV Border coming to the beat to film a small piece about the resumption of fishing on the Tweed in Scotland. Fiona Brown spoke to the cameras and while there was no fish for her, Colin Chisholm had a nine-pound fish out of the stream in the evening.

We have had some small rises in the river over the past week or so. We could do with more rain but it was enough to put the fish on the move and last week we saw five fish come to the net: three were lost but there were some pulls too. Nick Green had his first Bemersyde fish out of the Boat Pool, weighing in at eight pounds; Fiona Brown and Simon Brook both had fish out of the stream at nine and eight pounds, respectively, and Mr. Hird and Maurice White took six-pounders out of the stream and Sangsters.

On Saturday 13 June, the forecast was unsettled for the next few days. We are needing a good flood to shift some of the slime off the bottom of the river. There seem to be a lot of fish below Kelso, which should move up in a flood too. The weed is just starting to grow and is short for the time of year so we might not need to cut much in July. The banks have been strimmed, the boats are in the water and we’ll get to use them when social-distancing finishes.

If you would like to fish at Bemersyde, please get in touch with David Proudfoot on 01968 678 465 or e. You can also book via