Magic in Bemersyde kitchen

A kitchen garden glut can be overwhelming, however, housekeeper Margaret is both undaunted and highly inventive and has been turning a tower of Bramley apples into apple pie-filling, caramel apple jam, spiced apple jam and stewed apple for the freezer.

When we spoke to Margaret this week, she was busy peeling parsnips to add to the library of frozen soups, of which there are now more than 15! She’s had to increase space by filling an old freezer to accommodate soups A-Z including roast fennel and carrot; roast cauliflower; spiced squash pumpkin; cream of pumpkin; cream of kohlrabi and carrot (lean and vegan).

Post parsnip, she was about to tackle a wheelbarrow’s worth of Jerusalem artichokes with a new recipe for roast artichoke soup with lemon and parmesan. If you’re not already salivating, then perhaps we can pique your interest with thrice-boiled, spiced green fig jam?!

Now that the fishing season has drawn to an end, Ian has been keeping busy ensuring all the gutters and drainpipes are clear for the winter ahead and chopping legions of logs to keep our guests warm. Peter is pruning the fruit trees as they enter dormancy and the tender herbs from the kitchen garden have been brought inside so that they can still be used while the temperatures dip below freezing.

We’re looking forward to welcoming our Christmas guests and will be decorating the house next week. Wishing you all well from all of us at Bemersyde.