Farr Side to 9th June 2019

George with a fish out of Woodside just above the Boat. Caught on a Stoats Tail Size 14 14lbs


Chris Bryce 12 lbs Boat Pool


That's the spring fishing coming to an end after weeks of low water we had a small rise last Wednesday up to 2 foot and coloured.  This has pushed some fish up the river with our first Sea Trout of the season on Wednesday. Thursday was still dark water but a few fish seen running. Friday we had a fish out the Boat Pool, Chris Bryce about 12 lbs a further two fish lost down Woodside, both bars of silver! Saturday water 9 inches and clear, 1 salmon Woodside 11 lbs and a Sea Trout about 2 lbs more rain this week to come keep the fish on the fin.