Bring home a jar of the Bemersyde good life

Bemersyde guests rave about housekeeper Margaret and the goodies that come out of her larder. We are building a new, professional kitchen for her so that she can bake, bottle and preserve to her heart’s content, and her prodigious output is now available to buy.

Margaret’s cooking, preserving and baking is both traditional and adventurous, and always astonishingly good. Margaret likes to try her hand at something new every year, and this year has been sampling recipes for salsa and ratatouille. Her favourite recent soup recipes are roast fennel and roast carrot.

If you would like to buy any Bemersyde soup, jam, chutney or cordial, please get in touch via. Please note that we can only arrange for collection at the moment.

Most of the ingredients used in Margaret’s marvellous recipes are grown right here in Bemersyde’s kitchen garden, where Margaret, Terri and the team have been planting seeds for the season ahead, including 14 types of herb, as well as carrots, onions, aubergines, beetroot, turnip, carrots, and lettuces which are already up and growing away in the greenhouse. The greenhouse potting area is also being restored which will greatly improve the storage area for all our equipment and tools and also mean that everyone who works so hard in the garden has a comfortable place to enjoy a well-earned rest and cup of tea.

Terri has recently replenished the planters and window boxes at the front of the house, with a gorgeous combination of Skimmia, Festuca, Euonymus and Viola. By the time they are fully established, we very much hope to be able to welcome guests through our doors. In the meantime, if you fancy a slice of Bemersyde, do please get in touch to order some of our delicious food.